Ten law of Web designer

  • Not to copy other’s creative work, under no circumstances
  • Not to rely completely on computer technology, it is a tool only and cannot substitute your creativity. Remember, you are a designer, not a computer graphic editor
  • Be a creator and not a fashion-follower because a trendy style today would become an out-dated one tomorrow;
  • Trying ten design fields simultaneously but badly is worst than concentrating on one field and master it;
  • Be professional and not to release any art works that you don’t like
  • Not to lower the quality in view of low business value of an art work;
  • Not to criticize other’s artwork merely on the ground of one’s preferences nor just replicate comment from someone;
  • Not to create artwork without any ground. Great works usually come from the understanding of the culture, history and philosophy;
  • Keep yourself modest to people, no matter you are just a novice or a master;
  • Always believe that design can save your country and change the world


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